Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thirty Day Shred

So I've decided to hop onto the thirty day shred band wagon, along with some of my fellow blogging buddies. Yesterday was day one.  I wasn't planning on starting it.  I actually went to a cardio kickboxing class at the gym and then went to belly dance practice for an hour. When I got home around 9:30 P.M. I should have done my normal relaxing routing, but I felt I needed to do more.  So I pulled out the shred.

I did level one...but since I can't find my other three pound weight, I did level one with eight pound weights instead.  Wow is all I have to say.  With the eight pound weights I could see exactly which muscles I workout regularly and which need a little more attention.  Even the with the eight pound weights, I didn't feel the slightest burn in my biceps and I completed the back rows with no problem.  The squat with arm raise...yeah by the second set I was alternating two reps of side lunges with no arm movement with two reps with arm movement because my shoulders burned like crazy.  But hey, I figure heavier weight, faster results. :) I'm really trying to push myself through this.

As for measurements--I wish I had a measuring tape, but I don't. So all I have to go on is my weight and the way my clothes fit. I'll update you every week on my weight...The 26th is when I move onto level two. Let's hope I'm still going strong. ;p

In the meantime I hope all have a fantabulous day. ;p

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  1. I am also doing 30 day shred..I have not started it yet. Probably next week. If you want a measuring tape just go to walamrt and look in their fabric department. You should find one for a couple of dollars. Hope that helps.