Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kicking Butt in Kickboxing!!

Today was the second day I have taken the bag kickboxing class at my gym and all I can say is OH...MY...GOD!  No matter if there are enough bags for the class or not, the instructor makes sure anyone who shows up feels the burn.  Last Wednesday we did Tabata drills.  For those who don't know what those are, it's a six minute interval where you go all out for twenty seconds and rest for ten seconds.  We did one Tabata drill for our upper body and, after some free weights, we did another Tabata drill for our lower body and finished with lower body resistance.

This week, because there were too many people in the class to use Tabata with the bags, we did a circuit.  This circuit included four different stations, two on the bags and two working either cardio or strength, for 45 seconds.  We did two complete rounds, after doing two minute drills working our hands for four rounds.  Our instructor finished the class up with: some defensive slides, jumping jacks, forward and backward runs, burpees and abs.  This doesn't include our warm up.

By the end of her class, if you're not dripping in sweat then you're not working hard enough.  Needless to say, this class is  becoming a staple in my weekly regiment.  Oh, and just a little warning.  If you take a kickboxing class, bag or no bag, never tell a guy who trains in any form of martial arts that you do it too.  My b/f is an MMA fighter and laughs every time a girl tells him she trains too because she takes kickboxing or Tae-Bo classes.  They're designed as aerobic workouts, not real fighting techniques.

 Sorry, but I had to throw my two cents in there. Too many people think they can defend themselves because they've taken these classes, when that's not what they are designed for at all.

Til my next post, I hope you have a fantabulous day.

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  1. DAMN that sounds INTENSE!! Awesome job!!