Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I admit that sometimes life leaves me feeling a little overwhelmed.  Between work, trying to write a novel, making illustrations for my children's book and trying to stay fit it's hard to find inspiration to keep going.  Especially when I feel as if I'm going nowhere fast.  Everything I'm trying to do takes time to finish.  No instant gratification for this girl.  So even though I've made fourteen pictures, I still have ten more to go.  It took me weeks to make the fourteen, so I know it will take me weeks to make the remaining ten.  The same goes for fitness.  I have a limited amount of time when I can workout.  So the goals I've set for myself will take time.

Undoubtedly, after weeks and months of hardwork, a day comes when I can't override the trapped feeling I get.  That dark feeling that tells you no matter how hard you work you're never going to reach  your goals.  Yeah that one. When that feeling has taken hold I know I need som inspiration.  So where do I get mine? From lots of different places, but the best place I've found is

This is the place where Zuzana blogs about her day and workouts.  I love her site because it's not just about fitness, it's about overall well-being.  She even has her own demons she had to overcome and openly talks about in an interview she posted on her blog.  On top of Zuzana, the community of bodyrockers is very inspirational and supportive too.  Not only about working out, but about other obstacles life may bring.  Each one has their own story and many openly share them.  It's truly an infectious site full of positive energy that reminds me I can reach my goals.  Not just in fitness, but in life too.  Also, after watching one of Zuzana's workouts, how can you not feel motivated to go out and do something? Below is the video for the workout I did yesterday.  I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day.

So tell me, where do you draw inspiration for life from?


  1. Oh I have seen her before..She is in really good shape!!

  2. That is really awesome that you found a website that gives you the boost of inspiration you need!! :) I get my inspiration from a newspaper story (how funny does that sound?) It is about a woman who is now 63 yrs old and yet she is still so active and has completed over 25 marathons, while having MS. Blows me away everytime I read her story.